About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow roofing companies to create high quality marketing content without breaking the bank. For too long it’s been next to impossible for roofing companies to get professional videos for their company to advertise without having to drop all their hard earned money.

Just Share Media is changing this! Let us be YOUR partner and generate more revenue that your company has ever seen by utilizing digital marketing content in this digital media age.

Ryan Landis

Founder - Just Share Roofing Media

Ryan has been making videos since he was 13 years old. His passion transformed from goofing around with friends making funny Youtube videos, to creating commercial videos for high level clients. “The passion hasn’t changed, just the audience”. During college, Ryan worked for a roofing company during the summers to pay for tuition. This is when he realized how lucrative the roofing industry could be as he made enough money in 3 months to pay for 2 semesters worth of tuition and living expenses. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2015, Ryan has been on a mission to further grow his videography skills and create meaningful and engaging content to help local businesses grow and thrive through marketing.

Ryan came up with the concept of Just Share Roofing Media when discussing general issues in the roofing industry. “The problem is marketing. Big-time marketing firms charge a fortune for sub-par services, and then you have to turn around and acquire your own content!” No more. Just Share Media’s stock video gallery and Facebook advertising services provide the roofing company with all they need to flourish on social media. Just Share Media’s expert videography team works around the clock to create a large quantity of high quality stock roofing videos that any company can license and use to market their services. The client can then customize their licensed stock video by having their logo and custom text over the video. This revolutionary idea will allow roofing companies to have quality marketing content at a reasonable price, and it will put them above the rest of the competition on social media.

High quality marketing content, generally in the form of professionally filmed and edited videos, is what many roofing companies are lacking. This content, paired with someone who understands Facebook’s algorithms, can reach thousands of potential direct clients through social media, guaranteed!

This is different from boosting posts. The distribution algorithm is tweaked perfectly so your video will go to exactly your target demographic. This ensures that only people who need your service are seeing your ad on Facebook. It’s what separates the best and most profitable roofing companies from their competition.

Ryan Landis, Just Share Roofing Media